Scholarship Program



To provide financial assistance for post-secondary education to children of qualifying SCAPPA members.




Only rising college freshmen that are children of SCAPPA members employed full-time in the field of facilities management for at least 12 months are eligible.




Limited funds for APPA Training programs.

Apply Now for SCAPPA Scholarships to attend APPA U!

It is time to register for SCAPPA Scholarships to APPA U!  Scholarships cover registration fees at APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management or Leadership Academy, and the member receives up to $500 for lodging / travel related expenses. 

Educational Scholarship Program Policy Educational Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who are presently employed in the field of Facilities Management at a SCAPPA member institution.  Scholarships must be utilized within 12 months from the date which they are awarded or they may be forfeited.

To apply send a letter requesting the scholarship to the SCAPPA Treasurer (Steve Long).  Include why you want to go, which event you are planning to go to, sand a letter from your supervisor agreeing to allow you to go.  Funds are limited, so place your request soon.


Scholarship recipients must document enrollment prior to disbursement of scholarship funds.



SCAPPA's Scholarship Recipients

CONTACT 864.643.6028